·     Letter of reference from your employers Human Resources Department confirminglength of service, position within the company, gross annual income and bonuses.

·     Copies of at least your last 3 month salary slips.

·     Copies of annual Tax Authority Forms (i.e. P 60 as at 5.4.2007 in the U.K or equivalent of country), ideally a copy of the Self-Assessment Tax return Form.

·     Name, address, telephone and fax numbers of present bankers who will be contacted and requested to provide a full credit reference.

·     Copy (ies) of your existing valid passport (s).

·     Copy of the last 6 months statements of your accounts.

·     Essential to obtain your Spanish NIE (Non Resident Fiscal Number).

·     Copy of Spanish Property private sale-purchase contract (applicable below as well).

·     Statutory Report from Experian and Equifax.



·     Copies of profit & loss accounts and balance sheets on the business.

·     Letter  from  Accountants  confirming  that  all  figures  are  correct and that all tax liabilities are fully paid-up.

·     Letter of Confirmation from your accountant (if applicable) of personal drawings from the business on an annual basis.

·     Bank details as above in order to obtain a bankers reference.

·     Self-Assessment Tax Return form.

·     Copy of the last 6 months statements of your accounts.

·     Statutory Report from Experian and Equifax.